I’m Nathan. Nice to meet you.

Who am I? I’m a lot of things, but what you’re probably looking for is a high-velocity software engineer who excels both independently and collaboratively, ramps up quickly, owns problems end-to-end, and picks up whatever knowledge is missing to get the job done.

I’m fortunate to have been obsessed with technology for my entire life. Through YouTube tutorials, I wrote my first line of code in elementary school, and since then I’ve ventured into building iOS apps, websites, and Unity games. Once I started college and took my first computer science classes, my interests shifted to machine learning and systems and the fun ways they intersect. I’ve had the amazing opportunity to explore my curiosity and share my learnings with others by helping teach Brown’s Data Structures and Algorithms, Intro to Computer Systems and Architecture, and Operating Systems courses.

What am I looking for in my next opportunity? I’m looking to make 10x impact and build phenomenal products that enable everyone to do more. I'm excited by recent breakthroughs in machine learning and natural language processing, and I'm excited to work with ambitious people to build amazing products that feel like magic.